The official opening ceremony has not yet taken place. The changes in the opening schedule of the center are due to the delay in receiving the second tranche for the purchase of equipment. The new opening date of the center is April 2019.
* Organization chart with names and time of service:
The head of the Center-Neevina Elena, senior professor of the program Tourism Adam University
Consultants for the development of training programmes-Akylbekova Nelli head of the management and tourism programme, Batyrkanova Gulnara, associate professor of the economics programme
Electronic course development Consultants-Suerkulova Zamira, head of information and methodology Department, Imanalieva Chinara, Senior Professor, Department of fundamental and humanitarian disciplines
Consultants for technical assistance for e-learning courses-Kutanov Abil, information engineer and Methodologiea Department, Shaidyldaev Altynbek - computer engineer and methodological Department
Consultant for the development of evaluation materials-Suerkulova Nurkyz, head of training department
The consultant for relations with public bodies and enterprises in the eastern sector-Marina Ryskulova, executive director of the management and tourism programme
* Opening hours:
Centre hours - 9: 00 AM - 5: 30 pm Monday to Friday.


About the Center of Excellence and Resources at ADAM University

General provisions

1.1. The Center of Excellence and Resources (hereinafter the "Center") was created within the framework of the project ERASMUS + LMPT "License, Master in Open and Distance Learning for Sustainable Tourism Development in China, Vietnam and in Kyrgyzstan ", in accordance with the agreements reached for the implementation of the objectives of the project" Bachelor, Master in Open and Distance Learning for the Development of Sustainable Tourism in China, Vietnam and Kyrgyzstan "and decision of the Strategic Plans and for the development of the university.
1.2. The center is a structural unit of the university.
1.3. As part of its activities, the Center is guided by the legislation in force in the Kyrgyz Republic, the legislative acts of the relevant ministries and departments, by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, and by the present regulations. .
1.4. The responsibilities of the Center Manager, as decided by the Rector of the University, are entrusted to one of the staff of the Adam University Tourism Program.

The main activities of the center, its aims and objectives

2.1. The activities of the center aim to promote the implementation of the principles of sustainable tourism development in the Kyrgyz Republic, to provide methodological support for training and to develop the skills of tourism industry personnel in Kyrgyzstan, providing educational services, seminars, conferences, sources of information and expert services to entrepreneurs working in the tourism sector, as well as expert services. improve the content and technology of staff training for the tourism industry.

2.2. The objectives of the center are:
 to enable entrepreneurs working in the tourism sector, teachers and students from educational organizations implementing educational programs in the tourism sector to access scientific, methodological and material-technical research resources to train skills to effectively develop the tourism industry of the Kyrgyz Republic enterprise based on the principles of sustainable development and based on networking partnerships with leading educational institutions organizations, companies and professional associations of the sector, as well as competent government agencies.
2.3 Development, test and implementation:
- new elements of educational content, new pedagogical technologies, forms, methods and means of teaching students in the direction of tourism;
- Variable educational modules with the widest possible range, corresponding to the various opportunities and needs of tourism companies;
- teacher training methodologies in the field of sustainable tourism;
- development of the research skills of students and doctoral students by associating them with the scientific work of the Center.

Management of the center

3.1. The center operates in accordance with approved annual plans.
3.2. As part of the implementation of the innovation program, the Center:
- plans its activities on the basis of priority directions for university and industry development, where appropriate, involving scientific consultants, practitioners monitor the plan implemented;
- оrganizes fast and reliable support for the implementation of the plan, informing employers, students and teachers of the proposed products.
3.3. The direct management of the current activities of the Center is carried out by its manager in cooperation with the structural divisions of the university.
3.4. The financial viability of the center will be assured at the expense of the university, while generating revenue from sources not prohibited by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, including:
- organization of trainings, seminars, conferences (including in electronic form);
- carry out research on tourist business orders;
- consulting and project activities.
3.5. The organizational sustainability of the center will be ensured by the participation of teachers and academic staff, experts and partners, in accordance with the agreements reached.



Activities programmed by the pole of excellence for 2019


Type of event / mission etc. Venue Lead organization Dates Results achieved
1. Preparation of the didactic content and video lesson recording (webinar) Bishkek University Adam June 2019 Content preparation process, quality control, pre-production control, psico pedagogical factors Recording video lessons - where to look when teaching, how to switch to slides, using different types of technologies (PC, touch screen, tablet, phones, vertical camera, etc.), what kinds of shots work best for distance education, synchronization, what to avoid
2. Seminar event management Bishkek University Adam October 2019 Following the training, you will be able to:
- acquire knowledge about the variety of corporate events and the main stages of their life cycle;
- master the skills of working on an event such as a project;
- Learn to set goals before organizing an event and showcasing your target audience;
- master the skills of organizing brainstorming and developing a scenario and a technical plan for the event.
3. Advanced Learning Technologies (webinar) Bishkek Kyrgyz Economic University September 2019 Use 3D worlds
Use augmented reality
Displaying software platforms and applications during a lesson